2015 29er Midwinters East
US Sailing Center (Miami, FL)
April 3-4, 2015

Originally envisioned as an event that would attract teams from afar, scheduling complications simply made that impossible.  Working past that challenge, six Miami area 29er teams pulled together for two days of good racing on Biscayne Bay for the 2015 Midwinters East regatta on April 3 and 4 (Friday and Saturday before Easter)

Six races were completed on the first day in winds ranging from 10-15 knots with different teams winning in 5 of the races.  On the second day (Saturday), conditions quite as promising however even the “no-less-than-14-knots guys” deemed the day good and competitive.  In all, ten races were completed and 29er veterans Nic Muller and Ian Macdiarmid won.

First - Nic Muller & Ian Macdiarmid
Second – Shane Riera & Pere Puig
Third – Grace Howie & Wade Waddell
Fourth – Louisa Nordstrom & Katie Lounsbury
Fifth (tie) – Conner Correll & Cameron Grubb and Severin Gramm & Chase Sabadash

A special shout out to the "newer" teams  - including Louisa Nordstrom and Katie Lounsbury who won the first race of the series and to Leandro Spina, Olympic Youth Development Director, who reacently announced the details of the the Project Pipeline at the Midwinters West Regatta and was at this event to do the same.  Project Pipeline includes training camps and support for selected teams looking to compete effectively at the 29er Worlds.

Note that 2016 29er Midwinters East is tentatively scheduled to be right after 2015 Open Orange Bowl - to give traveling teams twice as much time on the water.  We hope to see you there!

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