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Date Description
11/17/2017 FOR SALE: 2006 PS2000 29er #1088 (Los Angeles, CA)

Fully upgraded rigging and hardware with one year old top section
Aluminum alloy blades
An old main and jib, as well as a practice main, jib, and spinnaker
1 year old Skiff Squad built halyards
1 year old spinnaker sock
Bluewave Turnbuckles
Adjustable Forestay
New Dynamic Dolly
Extra shrouds and forestay
Bottom and Top Covers

All standing and running rigging has been upgraded on this boat within the last year
An excellent boat to start in the 29er fleet and learn the basics
Located at California Yacht Club Marina del Rey, CA
US$4500 OBO

Contact Jat at Jay.janov AT ppscompliance DOT com or call (310)804-2897

11/4/2017 FOR SALE: 2015 Ovington 29er #2383 With Optional Trailer (California)

In quality condition
Proven winner - #1 @ US Youth Champs, #10 @ 2017 29er Worlds
Fully race rigged with top of the line gear
GRP (aka fiberglass) blades
Bluewave turnbuckle shrouds
Adjustable forestay
Dynamic dolly Spare bowsprit
Extra sheets, lines, and parts
Hydroturf grip tape
Optional trailer: Locking doors, 2 spare tires, sturdy supports and tie down locations, sail storage inside. Plenty of room for all the boat equipment. The perfect setup for traveling. *Mast cradle to secure the mast on top not shown in image
US$11500 for boat
US$12000 for boat plus trailer
Contact Neil at neil.marcellini AT gmail DOT com or mobile (925)-681-8550

11/1/2017 FOR SALE: 29er Sails (Sarasota, FL)

Main, jib, and spinnaker
Sails were used at one regatta: 2017 29er Worlds
Contact Louisa at louisa.nordstrom AT yale DOT edu or Per at per AT swedish-house DOT com or (941) 228-1080

10/13/2017 FOR SALE: 2016 Ovington 29ers (Portland, OR)

West Coast Sailing is now offering its 29er event charter boats for sale!

These boats were used at the 2016 ISAF (aka World Sailing) Youth Worlds Championships, the 2017 29er US Nationals and the 2017 29er Worlds. At all events, they were professionally cared for.

These boats include the "new" integrated fiberglass toe/grab rails and GRP (aka fiberglass) foils and are ready for top flight racing.

Each is equipped with the following:
Galvanized steel trolly (provided by Ovington)
Top/Deck Cover
Foil bag
GRP foils

Boats are located in Portland, Oregon
Delivery available on request!

Contact (503) 285-5536 Ext. 2 or BoatSales AT WestCoastSailing DOT net

9/16/2017 FOR SALE: 2015 Ovington 29er #2454 (Costa Mesa, CA)

This is a 2015 ISAF Youth Worlds boat. It has been lightly used - sailing in the 2015 ISAF Youth Worlds, 2016 Gorge Skiff Regatta, 2016 US Youth Champs, 2017 Midwinters West, 2017 US Nationals, 2017 Worlds, plus approximately 7 additional days of practice.
Dry hull
Used at: Stored indoors
Boat with all the lines
Fiberglass foils
Full set of racing sails; additional spinnaker brand new (never used). Additional jib ONLY used in 29er worlds. Adjustable shruds
TopGun Mast Cover
2 Top Covers
1 Envelope "sleeve" cover
Galvanized steel dolly (from Ovington)
Padded blade bag
Misc shrouds and spares

Contact Gaston at (509) 370-4222 or gastonfmartin AT hotmail DOT com

9/5/2017 FOR SALE: 2010 PS2000 29er #1838 (Annapolis, MD)
Clean, race ready condition
Race Sails (Main, Jib, Spinnaker) purchased July 2016 and used 5 days total
Practice Sails (Main, Jib, Spinnaker)
Aluminum Foils
Aluminum Dolly
Top Cover (mast up)
Bottom Cover
Foil Bag
US $5500

Contact David Houck at (202) 365-2255 or davidhouck AT yahoo DOT com

9/4/2017 FOR SALE: PS2000 29er #1452 (Montreal/Lac St-Louis Area)
Great Condition
Dry Hull
Two sets of sails, two sets foils, Race sail used twice.
Asking CAN$4000. Negotiable.

Contact Brent at bstranix@icloud.com 514-922-0787 or Alex at alexandrestranix@gmail.com

1/1/2017 FOR SALE: 2000 PS2000 29er #245 (Oakville, ON)

Blue hull and white deck
Boat currently on its third owner. Has been used for about 4 summers in total
It has always been stored inside a garage in the winter
All new lines
Extra mast top section
Extra spin pole
One set (Main, Jib, Spin) of sails
Mast up top cover
Being sold with a large Zhik trapeze harness
Currently sitting at Bronte Harbour Yacht Club
CAN$5250 O.B.O.

Contact Michael at acesak AT sympatico DOT ca

8/20/2017 FOR SALE: PS2000 29er #219 (San Francisco Area)
Well maintained, ready to sail
Dry hull
Three sets of sails including two that are race quality
Brand new mast top section
Deck cover, mast cover, blade bag
Lots of spare gear
US$3500. Negotiable

Contact Will at (415) 254-7999 or wbaylis AT comcast DOT net

8/9/2017 FOR SALE: 2011 Melges 29er #1998 (Newport Beach, CA)

Raced actively for past 4 years; proven winner
Gold fleet at 2017 29er Worlds
Good condition
Brand new Ovington mast and boom
3 sets of sails (2 practice, 1 race), 3 spinnakers (black, yellow, and green)
Aluminum and GRP blades
Mast, boom, hull bottom cover, full boat cover (travel sock), and top cover (few tears on top cover)
New spinnaker sock
Gelcoat detailed Spring of 2017
Seitech dolly
US$9000 or best offer

Contact Wells at wellsdrayton AT msn DOT com

8/9/2017 FOR SALE: 2007 PS2000 29er #1266 (Miami, FL)
One suit (Main, Jib, Spinnaker) of practice grade sails
Aluminum foils
Top (not mast up) cover
Bottom cover
Foil bag

Teddy Nicolosi at (773) 610-6460 and Teddynicolosi AT icloud DOT com
Dan Nicolosi at (773) 368-4904 and Dannicolosi AT yahoo DOT com

7/12/2017 FOR SALE: 2012 Megles 29er #2155 (Barrie, ON)

2013 Canada Summer Games winner
Complete boat - newer hull, foils and rigging (older boom and spar with new top section)
2 complete sets of sails (main, jib, spin): 1 practice set (good) and 1 race set (excellent - 3 regattas) – extra main (good), 4 extra spin (good to poor)
Extra spin sock
Extra spinnaker pole
Bottom cover
Excellent adjustable Gill trapeze harness
Seitech dolly
Ready to race
Stored indoors for the past two years
Asking CAN$8000/US$6200

Jean Matthieu (Jmatt) Bolland at (705) 241-3321 or jmatt AT bolland DOT ca
Tom at tom AT bolland DOT ca

7/12/2017 FOR SALE: PS2000 29er #656 (Vancouver, BC)

This boat is minty - she has been used lightly (~10 times), stored indoors, etc.
1 new Neil Pryde kite in white (used 3 times)
1 like new main and jib (used 1 season)
Top cover
Foil bag
Spootride dolly
Double or single tiller extension setup
Grey hull
Will deliver throughout pacific northwest with deposit

Contact Bryan at (604) 356- 2477 or bguenther3 AT gmail DOT com

4/24/2017 WANTED: Set of 29er training sails

Contact Larry at (307) 690-6696 or lthal AT mac DOT com

3/24/2017 FOR SALE: PS2000 29er #1265 (St. Petersburg, Florida)

Clean, updated, race ready condition
Fully race rigged
New Vang, Cunningham, Spin Halyard, Trap Bungee, Foot Straps
Practice Sails
Spare upper and Middle Mast sections
Top Cover
Spin bag
BlueWave turnbuckle shrouds and spare factory shrouds
Located St. Petersburg, FL

Contact Ted at (727) 202-7743 or lh4414 AT gmail Dot com